Female Eroticism

Eroticism is a different word for healthy sexual tension.
Eroticism could be a sexual electricity in the air.
The power/strength of eroticism is rising the more it is subtle and the less it is revealed and exposed. In that matter it is like a homeopathic medicine/ drug; the more you dilute it, the more powerful it is. If man and woman are sleeping naked in bed, it is nor necessary that there should be any  eroticism there, but inside a bank or a bus could live the most powerful eroticism. Once you reach the beach the eroticism is drastically decreasing, and stimulation is rizing. In the Victorian times, if you could see the ankle of a woman, it was a peak of eroticism.
Eroticism becomes stronger the more there is insinuations and it gets weaker – the more it is being exposed. Eroticism is subtle by nature.
The average male has a difficult time with real eroticism. Because real eroticism is female by nature! So when the average male meets real eroticism, he becomes paralyzed, because it gives the control to the woman. And the control pass to the woman because in the kingdom of eroticism women are the rulers while normaly men is used to be the ruler. And when he meets eroticism, where the woman is the ruler, he is getting out of focus. Men are used to be the initiator in sex and this gives them the power to control women. But  once the female eroticism is realized – the man is getting out of his balance because he is not in control.
And because men would never agree not to be in control – there would be no place for real eroticism: and real eroticism  is always a genuine female eroticism.. Our culture cannot contain female eroticism and the women all the time have to hold their eroticism, because if they will express it, they will be tagged as prostitutes.

The problem of men with female eroticism is that when it is set free then the control is in the hands of the woman, and a man is terribly afraid to lose control. The masculine dominance will not allow the space for the female eroticism to be.
 In general it could be said that female sexuality is much more powerful and much stronger than male sexuality. Most men don’t have a clue what female sexuality is; having sex by the male version makes the women a sex object for the man.   
A woman needs a man sexually, to dance with her, together. In the sexual field, women are much more intelligent. Men almost don’t have sexual intelligence;
Man’s approach  in the area of sex is to conquer and to release himself, to unload. He is not experienced in mutual sexuality.
Women communicate sexuality, men domineer with it.
The problem is, and that is a very serious problem, that 95% of women have been through massive conditioning in that area. Even before they have had their first sexual relationships. Women most of the time are not even aware of the intense eroticism that  is in her. This is because it has been suppressed by men. Men have no interest that the women will find out about their sexual power: their sexual power has always been a threat for their manhood.


Women want passion and sex more than man, but man give them sex of a conqueror, and it is far away from what women crave for and need.
For men sex is a kind of war, foe women it is the ultimate release, playfulness. Women surrender to men’s conditions of war atmospheres, and so could not experience mutual freedom by synchronized joyful sexual activity.
The sexual situation in bed is that of war, which is good for men and very bad for women. And men are not playing the game of freedom with the female partner, it is under their conditions which is only. War condition.
A Gabriel Raam Quote.


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