Esoteric Schools as Points of Influence

Part 1

Most Spiritual groups offer an alternative to the so-called material-consumption life. An alternative to a life which is competitive and full of loneliness, in which you fight at work to advance faster than next man. Relationships which range from routine to power struggles. In short – an alternative to a life in which we chase popularity, progression in materiality and a higher position in social life.
Spiritual groups aim exactly towards those who suffer in this kind of life.
Spiritual groups offer plenty of alternative approaches to the existing state of things; but in the end, what they really propose are methods and approaches to increase the level of personal happiness. Methods such as meditation, yoga, chi gong, rebirthing, guided breathing, turning fear into love, lucid dreaming, sacred dancing, mindfulness, Ayurveda, mandalas, healing and much more.
But they are very careful not to really challenge the existing order of things. Thus do not actually state any real alternative to the existing consensus, but rather reinforce it. How come? Well, they allow those people that have higher or deeper demands from life to feel that they can still remain an integral part of society, supporting the values and beliefs which are in consensus by most. And yet get the higher parts which are missing in their lives. The existing establishment welcomes them because it allows them to continue to not rebel against the existing order and still seek higher fulfillment.
So most of the people who join new age groups, do it as long as it doesn’t send them against some basic cultural values. For one person it could be a family and marriage, for another it could be a promotion at work, and so on. Almost everyone has at least some sacred cows in the existing society, that they do not wish to kill. And the new age groups are careful not to challenge those values.
That is what mostly exists in this field. Of course there are serious spiritual groups, which could be identified by the emphasis on inner work and the development of self-consciousness.
But here we wish to bring to the arena a very different kind of spiritual group.
They are by no means new (as we will see later – they existed already, far back in history), but to a degree they are either hidden, or out of the central attention arena – and not necessarily because they themselves wish to be obscure. There is something in their nature which makes them either invisible or seems out of reach.
And I refer to a true esoteric school (the way it always used to be) as: a school or a group which dealt with new knowledge that will put most of the understanding of most people upside down.
One of the examples for this “standing against” is from a philosopher who came from an esoteric school: Plato – which can be seen especially in the cave fable (video).
But how can we tell whether he really belonged to an E.S.? Well, it seems that this knowledge about the cave situation could not come from our life. Because in order to see what Plato saw, you need to be on a higher level of consciousness; knowledge like the ‘cave fable’ is not only completely new, it is outstanding. This kind of knowledge can only come from a higher perspective, and from there that is how we look like. You need a higher level of consciousness to be able to see what others do not see. And if they listen to his knowledge it seems not only new, but (again) completely upside down to our ordinary knowledge.
And this is the mark of a real E.S., which is a living being with a living connected leader.
With it, it seems that never before there was such abundance with spiritual groups, who are headed by a spiritual teacher.
But there is hardly room or space for another kind of spiritualism: challenging, subversive, soul searching, or even standing against the consensus, both of the herd mentality of the normal citizen and also against what we call ‘today spirituality’.
What are missing are those special groups (or esoteric schools). The power of social norms and conformity is enormous. For most people it is ok. They can not only live with it, it is good for them.
But the way of the normal man is not the way of the spirit, and we can see this clearly when we read about the bible’s prophets; they attacked not only the establishment but also – sorcerers and necromancers and self-acclaimed wizards.
It is not easy to be a divergent thinker in a conformist society. But despite the thorns and all, the divergent thinkers are the ones who cause change to occur.
Those with REBELLION as their primary triggers are creative, unconventional thinkers and/or spiritual teachers – who are capable of bringing fresh new blood into a decaying system.
Epicurus and Lucretius, Marquis de Sade, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Friedrich Nietzsche, Max Stirner, André Breton, and others are some of these thinkers.
Challenging or subversive spirituality is frightening for most people, including the searchers, because from an early age we were indoctrinated not to abandon completely the compass of the consensus – getting far from it is still ok – but not to desert completely the secure shelter of the herd mentality. Not to cross to the ‘other side’. We might get lost. We are in danger of becoming crazy, dropouts, and ‘God only knows what might happen to us’, etc.
Therefore, the new commercial groups do not give the feeling of standing against what is conventional and therefore do not cause a feeling of anxiety in the searchers . And they do not get the feeling of being upside down to everything and everybody.
אזוטריק 1
(card number 12 in the tarot: The hanged man)
What we normally know is comfortable spirituality. Whereas in true spirituality, it makes you see things completely opposite to how most people saw it, which is very uncomfortable.
The true spirituality takes one out and away from the comfort zone. And into a realm where nothing is safe or certain. The laws and ways of going on are unknown. When one meets this challenging dimension, he meets the glass ceiling of the bourgeois cultural mentality of spirituality.
For the new age person, bellow this ceiling everything is peaceful, full of love and positive mentality, which is so missing in our competitive mentality.
Above this ceiling, in real spirituality, he may feel uncertainty or anxiety.
Suddenly he feels vulnerable. Because this is reality, it is for real.
Yesterday, he felt unsatisfied from what is available today. But in the real group or school, he feels unprotected and even exposed to danger. From the eyes of being exposed to danger: everything and anything might happen.
After a while, in realms of the dangerous zone, he begins to miss the certainty of the former dimension.
He thought that in the new spirituality it will be less shallow, and it is. But, from the eyes of the rebellious mentality, he sees how enormous the repression was that existed in his former life or level.
In the new world, he realizes how often and to what a degree he was and is a victim to the emotional offensives of others and to what a degree it shatters him.
Most of the commercial spirituality promises him an inner work which is at a minimum and a high rate of consumption of spiritual knowledge which is at a maximum. But the rebellious spirituality brings him to the absolute opposite: maximum inner work and minimum consumption.
He thought that his personal life was in a mess, but when he found himself in the workshop of real spirituality –he knew for real the difference between an unfulfilled life and the roasting one gets by his tutor, bringing him not only to combat in himself the automatic habitual self; but mostly to be on guard from repression of him being hurt emotionally.
He thinks that now that he found a spiritual home, his suffering will come to an end. But instead of that, he finds himself in uncharted territory, in which the teacher will catch him any moment in a state of poor inner awareness, which means that anything and everything can penetrate his emotions and turn all his logical tactics upside down.
And so our searcher finds himself out 0f the known, safe and protected zone of society.
He also needs to guard his secret from regular people, mainly because they would not understand what he is talking about. If they would understand, they would want to keep away from him, as though he was carrying an infectious disease.
This is from the standpoint of him and social norms.
And as though it is not enough –he finds himself partially in a strange world, in which he is totally disoriented, because the rebellious method puts him in front of the unknown all the time, and unknown translates itself, in his mind, as not safe – dangerous, even. Nothing prepared him for dealing with the unknown.
After a while, he can not continue anymore. He feels as though he is drafted into a kind of terrorist group. And after a while his grip in the new group gets loosened. He cannot maintain the double personality anymore. He feels as though he is required to adopt the personality of a spy in an enemy country, which only yesterday was his homeland. To a degree, he feels as though he is a traitor.
He must have nerves of steel, be in complete control of his emotions, and completely loyal to the new homeland – all this while he is required to be able to hold two separate personalities!
There is here the building of a subversive cell, but in the beginning, these searchers do not know what they are getting into. But then, one day, they get it, they realize that they are double agents, and most of them cannot cope with it.
Most of them leave the cell, and their leaving has nothing to do with something specific or logical, like overload of missions or work in the new esoteric school, or because they could not overcome the chaotic forces that control them from within, or that they are not willing to give up their fantasies.
No, this happens because they begin to realize that they are moving away from the known and familiar world into a strange and not at all secure land, and have the feeling that they are being drafted into a kind of a secret agents cell.
This causes a conflict between the 2 personalities in them. Slowly their loyalty begins to shift. In group meetings, they adopt a loyal mask, but when they are out of there, they throw away their loyalty to the higher dimension, stop doing inner work. They become fake in group meetings. After a while, they feel traitors to their people, which is for them, society at large.
It begins with being phony to their friends outside, followed by being phony to the inner work group (or esoteric school). And then a kind of game takes place – where the teacher catches their falseness, and they continue to pretend that their loyalty did not shift. But they are being exposed again and again. Until they become fed up.
They leave because they are getting away from everything which is secure and gives them a sense of belonging. This gives them guilt feelings about their friends and family.
They cannot talk about this to people outside of the group, because they sense here something completely unfamiliar and even foreign.
The problem does not stop here. It does not stop with them not being able to place this new body of knowledge and training in anything they have met before.
The real problem for new searchers which contemplate whether to join or not – is formed or not yet formed, not to say crystalized.
The reason might be, that there is hardly anyone so loyal to the higher worlds of consciousness that will be the first to give complete loyalty to a contrary view of people and life at large. They cannot be the first ones.
If there were few subversive cells, already working and interconnected – with a strong center which gives unlimited support – then there would be less conflict whether to join and be loyal to the higher dimensions of consciousness. But they leave one home and in return they need to build their new home alone, by themselves. And this is too much for most. Not taking into account that if an esoteric school is already formed for some time, then it is less fresh and up-to-date with the energies of NOW.
It is amazing how much fear was planted in our brain, as to what might happen to us if we leave normal ways of going on, and what is worse, if we actually turn full blooded against it.
So, the demand from them to be secret agents of the consciousness dimension is to throw themselves against what is for them the unknown, without them having a secure and welcoming solid home to return to at times of danger. A home that would give them backing at all times. And it is the case when we talk of a newly formed esoteric school with totally new and fresh knowledge, knowledge which is fit especially for our time.
And one needs to understand that a school which was formed some time ago and has a long chain of teachers ordaining the next teacher, is not up-to-date. Only the first link is up-to-date, the more time passes since his arising, the less up to date his teachings are!
For the searchers do not take into consideration the issue of up-to-datedness, they need from him a feeling that behind him, there is a whole system that backs him up.
But what about a real teacher of consciousness, who is a fresh up-to-date happening? Who is the first link in the chain? There are of course esoteric teachers which studied at a teacher above them which gave them the authority to continue the chain. But each chain has to begin sometime with a first link. This is the most difficult task of all. All stands against him. And searchers are afraid that may be he is a fraud who ordained himself. And he is not another link in a long, secure chain, so they do not really trust him.
Most of the time the new, fresh teacher should be careful not to expose himself as an agent, trying to build a cell. But if he does come out and presents himself, his students get a shock. And then they are exposed fully to the possibility of life with danger. From one end, they remain without their friends, which step back from them as they start to change – they fall now to loneliness. And from the other end – they are demanded to start and adopt standards of going on which are exact and tight. Their awareness should be at maximum at all time. They should be aware of their emotions, and being able to control them.
So they lose the friends, but what is worse is that they are unable now to establish friendship with their friends to the group (anyone could be a double agent – they trust no one), and all they are left with is a boss which comes with higher and higher demands. This is how they feel and see it, and from their stand point – they are right.
When they start to comprehend the rules of the game, they must see the pitfalls of how most people go about their lives, and as they do not belong yet to a system which calms them down and gives them a feeling of security, they experience growing fear. Fear from being caught as ‘no longer one of us’ by people they know, and from the other hand they are afraid from the master who is never satisfied from their level of inner mastership.
This is very difficult – to abandon loyalty to the general ways of going on, and to become totally loyal to a dimension they hardly know, let alone – master.
Another problem in the life of a secret agent is the deception they feel when they do not expose to their friends how far away they are from being what might be called a true human being. It is difficult for them to hold 2 personalities.
Deep inside them, they know, that when they bring a new searcher into the group – they expose them to a life of danger and uncertainty.
So, after a while they stop trying to bring new people.

Part 2

Now is the time to shade some light on how the student in the esoteric school, could or should present to the people he already knows, what it is that he is doing there, without causing in the listener a sense of antagonism towards him.
The students do not have to be secretive about it, but at the same time they should explain it according to the inner development of the listener.  Whoever is interested, should get one of three explanations: exoteric, mesoteric or esoteric.

From PD Ouspensky’s In Search of the Miraculous:


“The inner circle is called the ‘esoteric’; this circle consists of people, each one of whom possesses individuality, high knowledge and is near the level of consciousness possible for man. They cannot perform actions opposed to their understanding or have an understanding which is not expressed by actions. At the same time if all of them reach the fullest level possible in the esoteric circle – there can be no discords among them, no differences of understanding. Therefore their activity is entirely co-ordinated and leads to one common aim without any kind of compulsion, because it is based upon a common and identical understanding.”


“The next circle is called the ‘mesoteric,’ that is to say, the middle. People who belong to this circle possess all the qualities possessed by the members of the esoteric circle with the sole difference that their knowledge is more of a theoretical character. They know and understand many things which have not yet found expression in their actions. They know more than they do (their knowledge is still intellectual). Their understanding, compared with the understanding of the esoteric circle, is more theoretical.”


“The third circle is called the ‘exoteric,’ that is, the outer. The people who belong to this circle possess much knowledge of that which belongs to people of the mesoteric circles, but their consciousness is more of a philosophical character, that is to say, it is more abstract than the knowledge of the mesoteric circle. Their understanding is not being expressed in actions.”
In common usage, esoteric means the inner, or more advanced aspect of a spiritual teaching. Exoteric means the outer form of a teaching, one that is shown to the public.
A member of an esoteric school should talk to the mechanical and exoteric level people in a language which fits their level of understanding.
The outer circle or exterior men corresponds to the default state of regular men and is not concerned with esoteric work. In this circle it is rare to meet individuals who precisely understand the person who is trained in an esoteric school. People who do not belong to an esoteric school all see the world through thick lenses of subjectivity  (and via intellectual knowledge), and they do not comprehend higher levels of knowledge. For them the level of knowledge they can relate to is the exoteric level, or ‘common knowledge’ level.
The exoteric circle is the outermost circle of interior or consciously working men. The understanding of exoteric men is theoretical; they understand intellectual knowledge which is exoteric. If a member of a school meets someone who can understand mesoteric knowledge, it is mainly through reading.
Here is an interesting diagram of this 3 levels of knowledge, in the great religions:
אזוטריק 3
“The esoteric circle consists of the persons who are already in the realm of high consciousness. But they should not speak esoteric language to those who belong to the outer 3 circles. The outer circle is the circle of mechanical humanity.
The first sign of this circle is that among people who belong to it there is not and there cannot be a common understanding. Everybody understands in his own way and all differently. No one understands another and takes no trouble to be understood.
If people belonging to this circle become conscious of this general lack of understanding and acquire a desire to understand and to be understood, then it means they have an unconscious tendency towards the inner circle because mutual understanding begins only in the exoteric circle and is possible only there.
So that the possibility for people to understand depends on the possibility of penetrating into the exoteric circle where understanding begins.”

“The universe needs a group of conscious humans. A certain number of people must have attained the esoteric level by a certain time in order for a cosmic purpose to be fulfilled. The branch of the ray of creation corresponding to the Earth will otherwise wither and be wasted.
They do not have to be many, small number of high consciousness people – is enough to influence cosmic changes.”

Part 3

Back to esoteric schools as subversive cells.
There should be no confrontation between an E.S. and the general mass of society at large. Each person – if interested – should get info, on the level and in the language he can understand. So that everyone will see in this schools or cells, whatever he can perceive according to his level.
The target of the cells is never to go against anything: We have no power, only wisdom.
The target is inward, to become sort of a radioactive power station.
On another level, the purpose is to take ordinary knowledge, as it comes from the students, and transform it to esoteric knowledge.
On yet another level they should turn this esoteric knowledge into pure wisdom.
At the end of every meeting, the room should be full of high radiation, because high wisdom always attaches itself to high energy.
With these two, the students return to their regular life. And there, their ‘job’ is to transmit these two to their closest friends, either by high level conversation, or through their work, especially if it is of creative nature. And if not, then put it in some form that would filter into the general ways of going on and to the ways people think.
These transitions are effective if they enter the right chambers and into high corridors.
And change is needed at this time. Now we can say that Friedrich Nietzsche was such a radioactive station. And he influenced all the ways people think about life. The only problem with him was that he did not manage to build a group around him, that would share with him the enormity of his mission, and with no help – what was passing through him was so radioactive, that it destroyed him in the end.
There is no need to confront anyone about the positivity or negativity of life as it is lived today and for a long time. Your radiation and presence is enough.
Every such cell needs to grow and strengthen until its inner pressure is no less than the outer pressure of the general mass of people.
If you talk to them on their level – then they are not impressed, and naturally so. If it is above their level they will translate it to their level – and again we got nothing.

Part 4

So, what is the way? Well, the answer is humaneness or compassion, or simply: human warmth! Mainly and only.
This is the way to draft new ‘consciousness agents’. The reason being, that mainly to sensitive people this is the most missing quality in their life!
Because for them, adopting the new consciousness way of looking at things – is no less than defecting!
So first of all, there is a need to create a very strong bond of humanity between them. And only then and even then, very slowly to tell them about the poor state of consciousness of human beings at large, and the work which is done in the esoteric school, to raise up one’s own level and then to filter it out, by any means he finds fit. Something like that, more or less.
After the drafting of the new agent – to expose him to the very difficult inner work, which is to raise one’s own level of consciousness. With the main difficulty in doing that being bringing the emotions to be under organization and control. And this is done through a long period of time, because chaotic emotions will not surrender easily to be under control. And only after that he could influence the people outside. And come back home to share what he met outside.

Part 5

At the beginning, the new student in the E.S. and yes, this is a local subjective issue, part of the picture (not the great picture), the greater purpose is to help make a change in global terms. And this is done by inducting new knowledge (like new blood) that can only arrive from a higher dimension. After the new knowledge of before has been integrated into the world and the life of human beings, it becomes rigid and dogmatic, and it suffocates and limits the minds of young searching human beings. And unless new (blood) knowledge is brought in, the old knowledge becomes a prison and unless new blood is being pumped in, there would be general decay of knowledge and understanding.
The wisdom of before becomes the ignorance of later.
And mostly, this new knowledge come from the agents of change, that must get it from a person that by his developed level of consciousness can connect and bring in a higher and totally different way of looking at the world and human beings.
Those agents of change do it mostly by art, philosophy, being authors of books, or by any other means that allows them to induct this new knowledge into the rigid dogmatic system of existing knowledge.
This new knowledge is widening the prison’s walls of consciousness and of general understanding.
And these are the goals of a new esoteric school, not only to bring new knowledge. For they cannot do it as long as the old understandings were not crashed by the same new forces first. They must kill the old sacred cows before they bring the new blood in. And this is the reason why new esoteric schools should be subversive, because they need to present a view that will weaken the old strangling knowledge.
If they succeed, then the new young searchers would not meet only dead knowledge, but a living knowledge that will allow them to develop their consciousness without becoming total outcasts, crazy, drug addicts or just outsiders.
After the new knowledge has been inducted successfully – they can perceive the world not only as one dimensional.
The concept here is strange, for it says that without change in the macro (general society) there could be no change in the micro (the searching after truth individual).
We are more sociological creatures then psychological ones. And this is because of the strengthening of the collective norms on the account of the individuals’ right to be fulfilled on most levels possible.
These days, in our time, it is very difficult – if not impossible – to fulfill one’s higher potential, and this is because the governing factor in examining any new wind is through two glasses; one is intellectual; the other material.
In this atmosphere the commercial new methods are accepted, for they present no real threat on the old logical mind. It is not taken seriously by serious people because their level of knowledge is childish. But also serious new knowledge is not accepted because of different reasons; the establishment will treat its level of reasoning is as though it is written in foreign language. But it is not gibberish; it is an encoded language, either in a book or form of art. And through those works it will filter slowly into the sub-consciousness of the general knowledge.

Part 6

So, on a macro level they influence society at large and on the micro level they actually succeed (via their students of course) in becoming regenerated (as Rodney Collin calls it), which means being transformed into new beings.
If they succeed in becoming regenerated – part of their goal is to organize an E.S. or – in my term, it has always been the same macro role: injecting their new knowledge in anything, it could be cathedrals, that were built with special knowledge, or even conducting scientific researches, creating art or writing philosophy and so on.  Outwardly they may be even famous figures, in the guise of priests, saints, architects, painters and so on.
We do have evidences from the past. One of the well-known philosophers is Plotinus. This Plotinus was a member in such a school in the 3rd century, a school whose teacher was Ammonius The Sackbearer. They had a vow, not to share their high knowledge, but because on student broke the vow, Plotinus felt free to put it in his philosophy.
Another example is the Rosicrucian alchemical school, we have some of their writings, which were written around 1620 but after that date we do not hear about them anymore.
Also some Gothic Cathedrals that were built around the 12th century –were probably done with a knowledge that could not have come without an esoteric school.
At 465, a saint by the name of St. Benedict created an E.S. by the name: Monte Cassino. This school developed later into a monastic system of the West.
In short, a true school of that sort (by the way, there could be a school of regeneration that consists of 5 people only, yet it could be an E.S.) can only be identified by their 2 fruits: influencing society by new knowledge and transforming the level of consciousness.
One condition is required: it should not be secretive, but these 2 goals should be concealed from mechanical men and from those of exoteric level of development. They should only share knowledge which would not cause anyone to go against them or the school. One reason is that at first stages of inner work, the student is very vulnerable. And generally inner transformation should be done in safe and stable conditions. Just as for the seed to germinate – it needs seclusion, darkness and stability.
It could be said that more then a few inventions were influenced by conscious men, and those men were most likely in schools.
We talk about such schools, but what about those who set them up? Well, from time to time, certain cosmic conditions permit a certain man to be alive, he sets up an E.S. and from there it spreads further until it dies out and a new such man is needed. (Just like a stone in the middle of the pond makes circles which weaken and disappear, until they reach the shore).
As ages pass by, men degenerates further and the work of creating conscious beings becomes more and more difficult.
Gabriel Raam. June 2014

Questions & answers concerning the topic:

Q. Why is the way of the spirit contradictory to the way of society?
G. Well, the soul (or the spirit) is a very high entity that’s been put into us from a very high source.
Human norms and the way society goes and the way normal men obeys totally to social norm – is totally against what the spirit stands for. It suffocates the spirit, it limits it. We give too much importance to what people think of us. And it is not good for the spirit.
Since you are very young, you know there is a certain way you should behave. You (everyone) are very much indoctrinated to behave in a very specific way. Now because society is so far away from a high level, so far away from high-spirit, its norms and laws are suffocating the spirit.
I give you one example: one of the things which are very important in society and no one will admit, is the issue of territoriality. Who has more territory? It’s even in the way people speak: who speaks more in a conversation? The person who speaks more is the dominant one and he will have more energy, more power, more wisdom and the person who talks less or is not allowed to talk more feels like a piece of shit.
So the norms of territoriality are not publicly accepted norms, and they are not formal – they are informal. But the fact they are informal does not mean they are not governing. Everything is governed by territoriality. If you look at the office of a manager at a company, it’s bigger than the space of where the normal worker works.
We are too addicted to territoriality. The territoriality is opposite to the spirit. The spirit is above the level of territory. The spirit is free. So if a person becomes connected to his spirit, or is freeing his spirit, he can’t do it without rejecting totally the whole issue of territoriality. If you’re not a rebel, you can’t reach a high level. If you are at a high level, you should look back and reject totally what held you at a lower level. Unless you reject it and fight against it, you wouldn’t have the freedom to give yourself totally to the high level.
All high human beings should be rebels. You can’t live with high level and also say „yes“ to society. Society is totally anti-spirit. It is killing the spirit.
Q. In the example you give you say the spirit is above territory, it is free from it. So how can it be suffocated by it?
G. The existence of normal man is not important to society. The individual is only important if he plays a role within society. Society comes instead of god. It’s so important that if someone is in a circle of people, everybody is shivering: „what am I going to say?“ – Because maybe someone will make fun of what one says. And if you say something and everyone laughs, you are totally broken. That is the importance that we give to society. It’s of incredible importance. Society is ruling in a very total way and it’s got complete control over our life. It got such a control, that the spirit can’t be free.
And if you’re sitting in a group of people, and you talk from the spirit, they will make such fun of you that you will want to die. The two are not going together. You can’t serve two masters. You either serve the masters of the norms of the society or the masters of the spirit. You can’t have both.
When you go out, you should play the role of being part of society. But in yourself you should know that your loyalty is given to something on a different level which totally rejects the degeneration of human beings within society. Because being in a high level and developing to a high level you could only do if you are free. And we are not free. And society is against the spirit.
It’s denying everything which is high. The only way which is left to the person is to belong to a religion. And then you talk about belief and faith which has nothing to do with the spirit.
The spirit is very fragile and it’s very delicate.
And when you direct towards a person with free spirit, aggression or bad emotions which are demeaning, what happens is that the spirit shrinks, because she can’t live in an aggressive environment. And society is going mostly by aggression. Everything is aggressive. Train stations are aggressive, busses are aggressive, television is aggressive, and car parks are aggressive. And the more you live within the total aggression of society, the more the spirit shrinks.
Now, there are some people who give so much priority to social conformity that they not only shrink their spirit, they kill it.
When you are connected to your spirit and you walk into a room and there is aggression there – your spirit will get in panic. She says: „I’m going to be a destroyed“, so she shrinks and shrinks and makes herself so small, that you feel you have no spirit. And that is a horrible feeling for one who is connected to his spirit.
Q. If society is so bad for the spirit, why not go to nature?
The horror of the situation is, that everyone within himself carries the horror of society, the dictatorship of society and we treat ourselves through the eyes of society. We internalize the dictatorship of society and the way society treats us, which means that this is the way we treat ourselves. We are dictators to our own spirit. Even when we are alone, we are thinking “what would this person and this person think about me?“ – even when we are alone, we are governed by society. So even when we go to nature, we don’t go to nature, we see how society goes to nature. We are prisoners of the social norm.
That’s why a man of the spirit should rebel against what’s happening in society, because it’s so bad for the spirit. But he should be clever with his rebellion. He should rebel quietly within himself but when he is in society he needs first of all to protect himself, so he should be loyal to 2 masters. Within himself to the spirit, and in society, he should behave like society.
But a man who is connected to his spirit and he is sitting with a group of 10 people talking, the spirit says to him: „for god’s sake, let’s get out of this place! I feel horrible“- and then you say to yourself “shut up, if I go now, people will think I am not sociable“.
I used to say that everything that we have, every quality of our character that we have, whether we are slow or fast, or intelligent or not intelligent, whether we suffer from pain easily or not easily – anything regarding this character has two points of view. The point of view of the spirit and the point of view of society.
Let’s say you are easily being hurt by what people say about you. So according to society something is wrong with you. You are too weak. You get hurt too easily. You don’t have a thick skin. You are fucked up. According to the spirit, you are a very high man because sensitivity speaks about high people. The more high you are, the more sensitive you are. And the more you get hurt, the more it means you have gotten a big spirit. So the point of view of society and the spirit are totally different. And the point is: the way you look at your weaknesses and your strengths, is the way society looks at them, so the spirit shrinks. You should look at it from a different view: how the spirit looks at it.
Q. What about Laziness, for example?
G. Society looks at you as a bum, as a person who is living on the account of other human beings, being some sort of a vampire. Sucking things from other people who work hard and you don’t wish to work hard, so you are a parasite. But the spirit says: I should not put myself through this terrible work, because when I do this kind of work, I feel neglected, I feel lonely. And the person is torn between two loyalties. But if he adopts completely the point of view of society, he crushes the point of view of the spirit. From the point of view of the spirit, being lazy is excellent, because you don’t want to do hard work, you want to be open – ready for high influence.
You want to survive. If you go against society openly, then you are totally stupid and you should get crushed by society because you deserve it. It’s very stupid to be in society and to behave like an outsider. Society doesn’t like outsiders. When in Rome, behave as the romans do.
The best example is Galileo Galilee. When the inquisitors said to him: “you must admit that the sun goes around the earth“, if he had been true to himself, he would’ve said „no, the earth is going around the sun“. He would have been killed. He was clever. He said to them, “yes it’s true, the sun goes around the earth“- and he went out and said to himself quietly: “in the end, it is moving“. So he served 2 masters, which is clever. You should protect your spirit. And the second loyalty is society. In society you should behave like society wants. Now, society is not interested in your inner life. The moment she sees you behave like everyone else, it loses interest in you.
We are not in war with society, we need it. We only wish to be with our spirit when being in society is over.
Q. How can we handle the tension that is being created by serving two masters?
G. It’s a question of self-training. It says in the New Testament: „give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar“. Give the people what the people would expect and behave according to the norms.
When you think about a circle of people talking, no one is being himself, and everyone is watching to see „what is the trend?“, “what is the social mood?“ – so it’s a matter of survival to behave in a way society expects you to behave.
And the tension? I don’t think there should be tension. The moment I get out of society and come to my life, then I free my spirit and then I relate to it. And you couldn’t have only one and not the other. People who are spiritual should have the tension of holding the outside manifestation of yourself and the inside loyalty to the spirit.
Gabriel Raam. 4.7.14

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