Entering a Parallel Universe

Many people are afraid to belong to a genuine, realistic, and powerful spiritual group.
They are afraid because they have to abandon their known world and jump into the unknown.
It is a true transition.
 Because what they know is no longer of use in the unknown, for the unknown has its strange, unfamiliar rules.

It is for real migrating to a different universe.
And there they are lost, uncertain.
They need to learn from the beginning, almost everything, and not only that, but when they learn the new language, they realize that they are actually required to do the opposite of what they are used to; In the previous, ruling universe – until they make their first steps in the new universe -they used what they know to hide and overshadow what they don’t know (despite the fact that what they don’t know -controls most of what happens in their known).

This is absurd. Suddenly they find themselves in a parallel universe…

In the parallel universe they need to let what they don’t know guide them in what they think they know and turn it upside down.

They feel in the new universe- insane, really afraid that they are going to go crazy, and so, they long with all of themselves to return to sanity. Where every little thing in their known world – gives them an anchor and certainty (and when people in the known world meet – they strengthen in each other the certainty about the known world in which they live).
The truth is that the unknown is actually – sane and what we do in the known world is what is insane. Any person with some sensitivity, intelligence and an independent mind- can see and witness this insanity, everywhere. But the majority of people that lives in the known – treat it as a realistic paradigm.

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