Energy Exchange Between Men and Women in a Relationship


Men and women run, archetypically, on two different kinds of energies; men run on Yang energy and women run on Yin energy.

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Now each of them needs the other’s energy, each energy revitalizes and refreshes the other’s energy.
Each needs from the other his kind of service; women need invigoration, recharging, strengthening, getting backup and backbone. Without all this, women will be weakened and will become defenseless In front of discriminating masculine-social rule. They will be discriminated without being able to be assertive enough.

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Now to the men: the service they need from women is like what happens in a refinery; the fine and coarse energies are mixed together in the men, when in partnership with a woman – she process this mixture with her yin energy and at the end of the process it comes out refined, meaning: coming out without the hard, aggressive, merciless, domineering, controlling factors. They enter into her mixed and murky and return back to him – pure and clean, and now could be used smoothly, harmoniously, even with grace and consideration.
Each energy acts as a healing for the other.
Now this is true for everyone, but how is it with people who have progressed in their self-development, inner work and maturity and now they are on a high level of being? Well they are much in need for this exchange, for the more powerful are the energies they run on – the more they are in a very desperate need for this exchange. For without it, their very powerful energies will poison them, they suffer from overcharge, which would feel like their system is attacking itself. And the more powerful and greater is the overcharge -the greater will be the danger of self-poisoning.
And the only remedy is a partner from the other energetic polarity that will do the energetic work for him or her.
And the more powerful (energetically) the person is, the more powerful is his/her need for the energic work of the partner, and the partner himself/herself – need to be as powerful energetically.


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