Emotions, the Great Parasite


Part I:

It is difficult to grasp, but emotions could be the parasite that comes instead of life, they are the greatest robbers of the life of a person. 
As with all parasites, the emotions feed off their hosts; energy in this case. As they feed, they grow. The parasite of the emotions grow and gain strength over time and influence and even, in extreme cases, almost take over.

The forces and energies of life should come and go through us. We should let life come to, and through us – but we are too full with our emotions.

We should present emptiness to those energies of life. But our emotions took over this emptiness, and whatever comes into us gets blocked and “eaten” by our emotions.

We believe that receiving our experiences through the emotions – is real living. But we confuse between the energies of life (Gurdjieff calls them impressions) and the energies of the emotions. You either process life or your emotions.

They are a kind of parasite, because they rob our experiences on their way into to us. These experiences are not meant to get to our emotions, but to our being and inner core.

The first rule for a spiritual seeker is to overcome the dominance of our emotions that has overgrown their original size.

This parasite is like an intestinal worm, also known as a parasitic worm, that eats the food of the person, this parasitic worm[i] is appearing in one of the books of the Essenes. In this chapter it is being told that very sick people came to Jesus. One person who was suffering intensely and was fasting for 40 days begged to be healed, Jesus put in front of his mouth sour goats milk, because of the fast and the smell of the sour milk – the starved intestine worm came out (Jesus called him: the devil), and so the man got rid of this worm. (The Gospel of the Essenes, C.W. Daniel Co 1976, Page-116)

This is an analogy for the place of the emotions in one’s life. They “eat” the impression (foods), while the owner is starved for fresh impressions. When people talk to each other – they actually talk to the parasite of thier emotions.

Part II:

On a high level the person has got a rich and powerful life going through him, freely, without the emotions consuming it.

Having negative or positive emotions – are secondary to the forces of life moving through him.

We should elevate above the glass ceiling of our raw emotions.

For a person living through his being and not through his emotions, there is a presence, something that does not come from the emotions but from deep within, and without, and so it is powerful.

His life is so full that they create around him lots of happenings. As much as he is a recipient of forces and energies – he is creating happenings around him.

This is happening for him without him being in an effort.

His life is a great happening, stemming from his depth.

When he meets other people it is difficult for the people he meets- to “put the finger” on what it is about him which is different, for he does not touch their emotions, but something deeper in them: their soul (which most of them are not in contact with).

A person who is connected to his life does not work from his emotions. Most people are doing emotional manipulations one upon the other, they are playing emotional games, fulfill emotional roles; the policeman, the prisoner, the aggressor and so on.

More about emotional games people play, in the book:  Berne, Eric (1964). Games People Play – The Basic Hand Book of Transactional Analysis. New York: Ballantine Books.


[i] Feary, J.; Britton, J.; Leonardi-Bee, J. (April 2011). “Atopy and current intestinal parasite infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis”. Allergy.

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