Dog’s Mystery

What is it about dogs that makes us so fascinated by them? It is easy to say that they are loveable and give love with no conditions, but it would be non-complete and in a way doing an injustice to this amazing creatures. They are much more than this.

First of all, what is recognized easily about them; is that they learn complicated tricks and do them with incredible efficiency and agility. (No other animal can do this).They are kind and loving to their owner. They are very friendly to babies, to other dogs and in some cases even to strangers. They are very dedicated to their ‘Pack leader’ (their owner), they can wait for hours, and sometimes days, in a certain place in the hope that their owner will come back. And there are known cases of dogs who seat on the grave of their master for a long time.

A dog is a nonjudgmental animal, it is not interested if you a tall or short, thin or fat, it will receive you – the way you are, a complete containment. I is a loving creature that loves you, hugs you, and accepts you the way you are, and this is a great thing, especially for people suffering from mental or physical problem, and this assists their recovery.

They are very sensitive about the body language of their ‘pack leader’ and others in the house, they can pick up, for example, that their master wants to go out, even before he is getting up.

They can sense something is wrong just by the smell of it. Literally, dogs smell when youre not at your happiest, whether that’s anxiety or depression, and they look for a way to reach you.

It is known that in some cases of cancer, they can smell it and behave in a way that could let know that something is wrong.

Dogs are spectacular sniffers, it might be even more extraordinary than we thought. Some dogs are able to detect the scent of their owner’s cancer before doctors were able to identify the

Their effect upon retitled children, sick people and old lonely people – is amazing, the response is great.

Dogs know when people are dying or grieving, through body language cues, smells only they can detect and other ways not yet known,

They provide comfort not just in death but also in other difficult times, whether it’s depression, job loss or a move across country. Dogs know when people are dying or grieving, through body language cues, smells only they can detect and other ways not yet known, experts say.

People love their dogs deeply and dearly, but I think, people at large, did not ménage yet, to crack open the dog’s magic. In fact it is a big mystery, even to doge trainers. There isn’t an animal with such amazing qualities and abilities, (may be the dolphin), we might think the chimpanzees are fascinating because of their genetic resemblance, but dogs are much more clever and very sensitive, and the pay attention to smallest detail (like noticing the eye direction of the owner). In fact it is a mystery; the mysterious cleavage of dogs to human beings, they would do almost anything for their human friend. No other animal is so attached to human.

In trying to understand this mystery, we first of all need to understand that we don’t have a clue, and usually we take their special personality and behavior – for granted.

There is no other way to explain their mystery without trying to understand that they are more developed then all the other animals, their emotions and consciousness is on a high level and in some abilities they are more advanced then human, like sensing that their owner is on the way, or finding the way home from a great distance (the book and the movie: “Lassie come home”).

It is very rare this combination between a low level physical body (animal) and such a spirit, intelligence and big heart. Animals, at large, are mostly working by instinct and also some emotions, but with dogs it is a high instinct abilities, high emotional spectrum and high intelligence.

As for the total emotional loyally to the owner – it is with no comparison to the emotional loyalty of us human, it doesn’t matter for the dog if he is being mistreated, nothing will disturb his absolute loyalty to his owner. His dedication is not conditioned by what comes from his master.

They have got a wide range of behavior; from one hand they could be trained to be hard working, like Shepherd dogs; they were developed to be farm dogs, guard dogs, herd dogs or even police dogs, from the other hand they are very playful and love games and fun.

But what is most intriguing for me about dogs is what is so missing in us human; and it is human warmth, humanity, the caring for another soul. This qualities are very much missing in our social life, we have instead, administration, Bureaucracy, technology, which all come instead of this basic human qualities, which dogs are so excellent in. You can say that his spirit is greater than his body.

But the truth of is  beyond normal understand; dogs are angels, sent from far and beyond, to be with us and support us and be a faithful companion – in this difficult, soulless, heartless and cold – life.

Dogs are angeles, sent from above, to teach us about love.

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