Creativity and Inner Work


Part I:

Many creative artists say that this is a therapy for them, for without it their life would be in a worst state. I think it is more than that. For them their life is in one of two states; fully alive or not fully alive (not dead, but not fully alive inside), they are only becoming fully alive when a fountain of fresh life is bursting out of them, in the form of a creative work. During the process of creativity, and more so when it is completed – they feel very much alive, but not just ongoing alive, for it is completely new, in fact it is a birth! And therefore a bubbling sizzling young life just being born into the world. It is not his life but the life he is giving birth to, which is twice as precious to him then his own life…It is like the story from the Greek mythology about a sculpture called Pygmalion

Gérôme, Jean-Léon: Pygmalion and Galatea
Pygmalion and Galatea, oil on canvas by Jean-Léon Gérôme, c. 1890; in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. 88.9 × 68.6 cm

– who had to sculpt a woman called Galatea, and he fell in love with her.  (This happened to every creative artist and what he creates.) Without this second birth, his own life is broken and dissected by the agents of the shadow side of his talent-life, these could be self-doubts, self-guilt, insecurity, instability, and the such. Only the current creative fruit will save him from his personal demons. 

But the current creative work is saving him only for the time being. He is dependent upon his current creative work – to rescue him from his constant swamp, and in this sense he is like Sisyphus and his rock. (One of the best examples of this swing is the life of Van Gogh). 

Part II:

But there is another way to be saved from the swamps of life and self; it is a much longer way but its result are permanent and solid, and I refer to self-growing, maturing, and inner upgrading – process. The higher the level reached is, the less the creative work is the only life saver for this special person.

Now, reaching a high level of inner work does not necessarily mean a cessation of all creative work, just that it is no more a question of black and white (creative work will save you, no creative work will make you sink into despondency). It still has an importance, but is a secondary importance, an importance of evacuating out accesses high energy. For what comes in (high energies) must come out. One way of evacuating out high energies is to become a teacher of pupils on a spiritual path. Having students is one way (for the high energies to come out), but it is crude, ungrateful, and a difficult way, whereas creative work is much finer and it is under the full supervision of the person. 

So, creativity, yes, always, but when without development, it is instead of one’s life, and when is accompanying inner work and personal-development it is allowing the high life coming in- a way to go out, and then a relief from overcharge – is being reached.

Part III:

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There is another difference between the first kind of art, that is coming instead of one’s life, and the second one, that accompanies one’s high level of development and maturity (by acting as an outcharge).

The first creativity could be called subjective art, and the second creativity could be called objective art. 

Gurdjieff Foundation of Prescott

Why so? Well, while the more common creative person creates mostly, from stress and inner conflicts, (which put his inner life out of balance) – the developed person creates what he sees the way it is on its essence level, and this creativity is coming from what he is too full up with, what is in accesses in him, what he is overflowing with, which are the overcharged high energies that he need to channel out, and this in order that more could enter in.  This person is balanced, already,  between his shadow side (weakness in the public eye) and light side (essence). He sees reality as it is through the high seat of his level. In relation to him the underdeveloped creative person, (because of him being a victim to the shadow side: demons) – sees reality not as it is, but through his deficiencies. Therefore the art of the first person is called subjective art, because he creates through what is not balanced in him (caused by his underdevelopment). The art of the second (developed person) is called objective art because from his high level, for one, and from his balanced inner life, for second, he sees reality as it. 

So, creativity – by all means, but not instead of a balanced inner life, but as a necessary evacuating accompaniment to an upgraded and developed life.

Subjective vs Objective
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