About Consciousness Way


We are asleep. Our life is like a dream, but in our better hours we wake up just enough to realize that we are dreaming.’

Ludwig Wittgenstein (in a letter to Engelmann).


”consciousness way” stands for consciousness awakening through inner work.
It’s new, its fresh, it’s alive! Here you can find input of radical materials regarding consciousness way, the work and the concept of “awakening consciousness”.

What is going on inside of you? Are you in touch with your emotions? Are we really alive or are you asleep, believing that your personal “soap opera” is real life? Life is all that is unseen! To know what’s going on is to wake up to life. We are dreaming our lives away, dreaming our own awakening! We are asleep… You can wake your consciousness up Can you imagine how will it feels? To be switched ‘ON’?

In this web site you will find answers or at least referring to the following questions: What is consciousness? Can we develop it? Can we awaken it? What’s the relation between consciousness and psychology? What is the connection between consciousness and the soul? What is the difference between self development and awakening the consciousness? Does consciousness naturally progress or regress? What are the conditions for consciousness to be awakened? Does consciousness and enlightening are the same? What is the necessity of a teacher on the consciousness awakening way? Does the consciousness teacher is a guru or an uninvolved factor? Can it be done without a teacher? Does a group (of students) have a meaning and what? Can someone do only with a teacher and without a group? What is ‘experience’? What is ‘knowing’? What is ‘wisdom’? What is awareness and what is awareness for? What is emotional maturity? How does society control us? What can we produce in life?

Here you will find delightful materials touching everyday subject but from a higher point of view- the consciousness point of view. These materials come in shape of articles on awareness and consciousness, conversations which took place between Gabriel Raam and students, which are transcribed and also are in movies (mainly in youtub) and on DVD’s.

Every article can bring you to a higher awareness state, but a consciousness dialogue can lift you higher..

Feelings and emotions are the basis of our behavior and thinking. The dynamic dialogue is meant to explore the world of emotions, body language and the potential of mind through dialogue. With the help of various exercises and workshops the different worlds of thinking, doing and feeling become clear. It is a non-psychological concept in that that it applies new consciousness methods. It is a very friendly way of working and if it is successful it has a relieving and clarifying effect of openness.

We invite you to stay, to read, to send feedback (via contact us) and to keep yourself updated through our mailing list.


The awakened has one common world, but the sleeping ones turn aside each into a world of his own.


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