Coarseness and Fineness

Reference to coarse and fine (saying about someone that he is coarse or fine) –might be perceived as a judgment or a stigma. On the whole there is no acknowledgment to the differences between one person to another (in their attitude, manners and appearance) as far as their fines or coarseness is concerned.

And now to the historical aspect – today people are coarser and less fine then those who have been before, this might seem –again – as a harsh judgment but let’s examine it closer;

If we look at paintings dating from the renaissance we can observe that the figures which are being painted – are more delicate, their dress and facial expressions are finer than those painted in the 20th and 21th centuries. 

 If we look at potteries from ancient Greece or Rome they are very delicate and fine, and even more so with drawings and paintings from ancient Egypt.

And not only in sculptures and potteries paintings – also in music; if we compare today`s popular music – techno, heavy metal, house and rock – with music from the Renaissance (and even later); with music by: Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Bach, Joaquin des Prez, Buxtehude, Heinrich Schütz and much more – then difference in fines and coarseness will be evident. For example, if we could make a person from the Renaissance period listen to techno, heavy metal, house music – it will be for him like kick in the face… and even if we could let a person from 1920 listen to this music of today – it will be difficult for him to listen to it. And even if we compare music from the seventies such as: the doors, Pink Floyd and the Beatles –with music which is being danced today – we could hear the difference.

Refinement and spirituality go together as the combination of aggression and coarseness.

Today there is hardly any aristocracy of the spirit, but mainly aristocracy of education, Money, fame and successes.

This is understood, because the aristocrats of before misused their high position for hedonism, corruption, personal gain and power. So, then the human race put personal aristocracy out of what is acceptable. But the main question is: with what did we replaced the aristocracy? With vulgarity? Aggression? And blunt sexuality?  

So what is the meaning of all this? Well the bottom line concerning refinement and spirituality – is that you could not develop spiritually and remain rough and coarse; in the kind of food one eats, the music he listen to, his manners, what one reads, what kind friends he have etc. if one wants to bring to fulfillment his spiritual inclination – almost everything in and around him has to refine.

But now comes the question: how this process of becoming refined come to be? Well, here we are referring to a process called sublimation, when his higher functions (psychological, emotional, thinking) – are going through a process of separating the rough outer layers from the inner fine inside. It is a kind of alchemical processes. And how this is being done? First of all one needs to debug the coarse parts, such as: violence, dirt, nonverbal and verbal coarse language which is coarse blunt and rough, stress, dominance, getting heated emotionally, watching violence or pornography in movies and the internet – All this is locking the finer elements in oneself in the lower levels and do not allow them to rise up and to reach the higher levels of oneself such as consciousness.

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