The children of the soul are walking among us, composed from tissues of light and communicating another language. 

 Their skin is so thin and permeable and vulnerable that almost everything can cause a shock to them.  And thus they become subjects to shocks all over the place, almost anything and everything causes them shocks; a noisy train, a rude answer, density amongst a crowd, aggression, avoidance, etc.  And when they get shocked, they become closed.

But when the children of the soul are in inner peace, they are like violin strings, that when the great wind passes through them – they quiver gently and play quiet and magical melodies that came from afar, and their whole being vibrates by this distant music. 

Q&A: “What happens when Twin Flames have children together?"

 For the children of the soul, this price is heavy.  An ordinary person can suffer, for example, a slightly rude approach, and hardly feel it. But for the children of the soul, it immediately develops into a red and blue wound that goes and sends waves of shock all through their being.   

On the whole, they live on a different frequency, and sometimes when they’re shocked – they get tormented under what shocked them – like a refined lady under the boots of a bully in a dark alley. And then the frequency is lost and their violin strings remain desolate in their empty inner cavity. 

And when this happens – then comes the time of the dark nights of the soul, in which there is no home for them, no loving mother, thus no hug for the lost child of the soul, on the cold and long dark nights of the soul.  

Some of them try to deny their true home (the soul), and be like everyone else, belonging to the world of the hour, the soulless technological alienated society,  in the hope that it will put an end to the shocks which divorce them from their dear soul.  

But if they do try to merge with everybody -they sin to their true home, which is: Angels, Bach music, and poetry.

But there is still comparative salvation: find a person, or a group -of the same kind, a friend; a soulmate, and in them and with them find love, brotherhood, solace, and comfort.  


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