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  1. What is ‘taking it personal’?

‘Taking it personal’ is when a remark or a happening moves one, and it shakes his/her -inner being (sometimes a little bit, sometimes a lot). And instead of ‘it shakes one’, It should be written: ‘when you let it shake you, your peace, your inner quietness’.
It can feel like a small hurt, or thatone physically wants to take a step back, or that he or she feels that they are losing clarity of thoughts.
Taking it personal is identifying with someone’s words. Taking it personal is to let someones words influences one’s state, mostly it is ‘to let someone’s judgment lower your state’ by thinking that those particular words, happening or remark is meant for you and no one else, but you. And one relates to those words or happenings as personal, thus he or she loose the overview and the reliability ofhis or her vision.
When one implicates a remark or a gesture, they literally take the words or happening inside themselves and then the risk is present that they will identify with it.
If taking something personal is not recognized in the very moment of happening, it can cause an emotional involvement.

  1. what is an emotional involvement ?

Emotional involvement is a concept of which most people do not know that it even exists and actually had a name, while It happenes to one on a daily basis:
It is to lose any perspective by letting emotions rule one’s inner system. When one takes something personal or by other means: gets hurt or very angry -they can step into the swamp of the emotion and sink and get lost in it..
Then one is caught in a very small space. Actually in the world of emotions there is no space for ‘life’. There is only space for the emotion.
This starts with a big fight, not only with the people around oneself, but mostly within oneself. And it can end in sad days of unexplainable misery, or loneliness.
When an emotional involvement sneakes its way up to one’s world, and goes in, it is usualy because the person either did not recognize that they took something personal’, or if they do, stil they underestimate the impact of the emotional involvement.
Because the chance to fall into an emotional involvement, is unfortunately always there -It is like quitting smoking, the chance is always there that someone offers you a cigarette. To feed the drama queen with juicy and fatty emotions also can be an addiction.
Emotional involvement is luring on the side of the road, once a person allows himself to be swept in- the chance to trap in a negative emotional spiral is high and this is not good for the spiritual body.

  1. What do you do in order not to take things personal, or to get an emotional involvement?

In order not to take things personal a person needs totake a distance from the negative emotion that started the spiral. This is done by reminding oneself the higher goal. The way to create a distance between him/her and the personal involvement – is by imagening a blue wall in-between both.
But in order to stop it, it needs to start even before, by not allowing any emotions to run high, which means to keep it down to 30 %. not to let it go as hieh as 100%.
If one can not get out of the loop – then he needs not to allow any thoughts to start looping on negative associations

  1. how can ‘taking some thing personal’ influence the point of view ?

it is blurring.

  1. what is an observer?

The observer is a concept, the aware extension ofoneself that one is in contact with about the actual situation that is taking place. The observer is a messenger: a trained pioneer, recognizing the enemies and a translator notifying inner movements.

  1. what does a quantum leap look like?

what is the architect ?
The architect is a concept that constructs possible happenings in the future. Some happenings are steady or more likely to happen than others.
The architect is a mental tool. A tool that creates different scenarios before the actual happening takes place.
The mind searches and develops options of the moment. Not necessarily the moment here and now, but what any moment can bring. For instance a meeting for work. Somewhere in the timeline a work meeting between certain parties will manifest.
Then it is the task of the architect to do some fieldwork and exploring in advance.
It is like doing your homework, not only on the physical, but also on the metaphysical level. In the case of the work meeting, the Architect separates the persons in the group of the meeting into human beings with an agenda. And it calculates the power struggles that might happen. The hidden insults that may set the dynamics of the group, etc.
If a person thinks of all this in advance, all the different aspects of the meeting, from the atmosphere of the room upto the insult I might receive, thanthey will not interpretate a misplaced remark on a personal level – they are prepared and can manage and decide what role to take , instead of being intimidated by someone or angry about something. In the best case the Architect helps you to recognize opportunities, to analyze instead of criticize and to make the best out of the moment.

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