Old Age and Wisdom

One of the most pathetic reactions of old people to their age, is their insistence to remain 35 years younger. There are few who are reconciled to their advanced age.
When a person arrives at an advanced age he is mostly empty, with not much is left in him from his past life, for all is wasted on having a good time and having as much experience as possible.
During the consumption of the experiences, the experience is the active factor, while the person himself is the passive one; instead of being active by the intervention of trying to extract from the experience some knowing, some learning, some lesson, some reason for it. 

To let it come in and go out – untouched, (meaning: without trying to understand) – will deliver the person to old age with non-added value on top of what he passed in his life. He is an empty vessel, for all was vested on the experiences.
But if he does try to extract knowing from what he passed – then he arrives at old age full with the precious treasure of wisdom.

And only then can he be really reconciled with his advanced age; the unripe youth, gave way to a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ approach to what is ahead of him; instead of approaching it with blind consumption – doing it with: examining eye, searching intelligence, questioning mind, thirst for understanding, hunger for truth, and sensitivity for subtext.

Instead of being a passenger in an adventure joyride – to be a detective in the darkness which surrounds us all, from within and from without. 

And without living our lives as detectives – we would never arrive at our ripe old age full of wisdom.

Wisdom being the ripe fruit, a delicious food for the Angels.


To know how to grow old is the master work of wisdom, and one of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living.     

Henri Frederic Amiel

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