The Mechanics of the Antithesis


To every action there is alway by Issac Newton | InBlix

Antithesis can come in all sort of ways; through people, through physical or psychological disorders, through all kind of disasters.
The worst way is to see it is as an accidental or an unjust punishment. The right way is to see it as nature’s way to balance a sudden deviance from existing order.
It is very difficult to switch from the first view (punishment, accident) to the second view (a balancing reaction to an upward deviations).
Nature loves balance and  hates imbalance, it accepts upwards change if it is done slowly and gradually, but if it is done in one shot, in a transformation by a reversal point – this nature hates the most, for then the sudden imbalance must cause her to react also dramatically and powerfully. And this dramatic sudden reaction to restore balance – is the antithesis.
One who is developing by a series of reversal points and transformations, (which is the quantum way to reach a high state), is the only effective way not to spend years and years in doing small steps, forwards and backwards,  that in the long run lead nowhere. But to be lucky enough to be able to go through a series of transformation – has an equaling price, and it is the antithesis.
As long as you remember that the disaster is not just an unfortunate happening but actually a strange gratification from nature, you are ok, on the safe side. Free of self-doubt, self-guilt and blame.
Like the axis with the two end– you have a choice; either to be based in the dark side which is the antithesis itself, or choose the light side, meaning: the core reason for the appearance of the antithesis, which is the thesis, i.e. the great quantum leap you must have just made.

The moment you recognize the crisis as an antithesis and not as an unlucky strike (of which you are a victim) – you know you are blessed and not cursed.

Two sayings:

  • No one minds having a headache providing he knows it is for a good reason.
  • The greater is the prize (quantum leap) – the greater is the price (antithesis).

For a student of medicine to become a doctor – it will take him above 10 years of long and hard study, but he doesn’t mind, for the prize (becoming a doctor) is worth for him the huge price of the investment in time and effort.

An extention-explanation:


Not everything negative that happens to us is antithesis, this phenomenon is exclusively and only, for people who made a serious shift it the way they are organized, they made a certain transformation, and it is an antithesis only if it is a reaction to transformation. Then nature senses an imbalance and the antithesis is a natural reaction to restore an imbalance. In other words, the way to know if it is just an accident that happens to everyone or an antithesis, is by the context, and the context is only for those who are on the way of inner work by many small continues transformations, and reversal points, and for them only.
Again, most people who were hit by disaster – had nothing to do with antithesis, only those who do a quantum leap in their level of being, experience an equal and opposite reaction.
Most methods of inner work do not work with reversal points, therefore they would not experience antithesis.


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