An Overcharge

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There are times that a person struggles to remove himself from a certain source: From certain people, or certain happenings. And he does not know exactly why he does that. Now why is that?

Charge and the Energy Body: The Vital Key to Healing Your Life, Your Chakras, and Your Relationships

There are causes that are easy to trace, like a poisonous environment, aggressive or antagonistic people, but this is easy to track down, here I want to concentrate on the less obvious ones.

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This one is to do with an area we have very little awareness and sensitivity – of: energy.

Sometimes the incoming energy is too powerful for the bodily system to be able to handle and contain it.

If the charge is too powerful – then the maintenance system cannot hold anymore the charge contained within it.

 When the system has to be exposed to a charge greater than its capacity to hold it (without the overcharge turn against the system). It happens when its road out is not free (because overcharge itself is blocking the way out), it is important to understand that if the charge is too powerful, instead of it flowing smoothly through the system, the only way left for it is to turn against the system.

Too much of something could cause the adverse effect then its normal dosage.Question of the day: Have you ever been overcharged on something? tell us  about it. | Clean house, This or that questions, Question of the day 

The charge within a system should never be greater or more powerful than the capacity of the system itself to process it.
When the charge is too powerful, it is not flowing anymore, now it becomes clogged with its own power. It is causing a kind of a bolting, or a block, in the middle of the flow.
So when more charge remains in the system then what could be flushed out, the system itself is stuck.
Overcharge happens when either the charge is too high or that the system is not void and empty, so it can allow a free passage out.
It is a ‘constipation’ which causes a psychology of elimination of any extra charge coming at it.

Sensory Overload | Confessions of a Rambunctious Kid

There is a resistance in the system for more charge coming in.
(If one is overfed, even the thought of food makes him sick).
Low charge causes no constipation, too high charge causes a full blocking constipation.
And then the powerful wish of the participants is to evade more new charge coming in – is understood – for it only increases the uncomfortably (to say the least).
And there is a split in him; from one hand he wishes to consume high charge as much as possible, but from the other hand, overconsumption of high charge leads to natural resistance against more incoming charge.
Overcharge can happen at all levels, the higher is the level (and the more sick or old is the bodily system) – the more he would suffer from it.

Some energy types are more difficult to absorb than others. Bishop can  sometimes be overloaded by trying to absor… | Superhero facts, Marvel  facts, Marvel dc comics

With it, an overcharge is a rare phenomenon, and it mainly happens when: 

  1. The recipient is open to the charge, 
  2. The charge is too powerful for its containment.
    A healthy ingoing charge should invigorates the system, but a too powerful charge from one hand, and a limited capacity of a beginner, (still young), or too old and not well physically -from the other hand,  will cause the overcharge talked about here. Usually in the case of blockage resulting from an overcharge -the person is looking for various escapists activities which are designed to issue out access energy, by games, arguments, sports, flirts, sex, power struggle and much more. And by that achive some reliefe to the overload. If you are advanced student in inner work and consiousness development – finding someone to whom you could empty your extra charge – then it it can can help to reduce the overcharge and so cause a reliefe..
    How to releive overload?

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