About Us

Consciousness Way is an esoteric school of self-development by Socratic dialogue. All the articles and essays on on this website are written by Mr. Gabriel Raam (except a few exceptions with a different author), the founder of Consciousness Way – a way which stands for self growth, developing, and awakening the consciousness. It’s a path for personal growth through inner work – for being, and knowing.

Awakening the consciousness

The Consciousness Way is about transformation. We used to measure our life from psychological sociological aspects and on the Consciousness Way you learn to look at things from a soul and consciousness point of view. The method is dialogue. The dialogue is an instrument which has two purposes: on one hand it is a channel for human warmth, support and giving space; on the other, it is a tool for decoding and reaching wisdom. So in the Consciousness Way the connection between the knowing and the being is made by dialogue. The dialogue on the way lays on the basic foundations of humanity, positive dynamics, space, support, warmth and high standards.

The Consciousness Way is a non-psychological concept in that that it applies new consciousness methods. It is a very friendly way of working and if it is successful it has a relieving and clarifying effect of openness and life.

This website is made for all the truth seekers. You can give feedback, ask questions and join the magic of life. If you feel connected to the dialogues and the essays that you read, this is an invitation to write us back about what inspired you and to have a conversation with us through the internet.

You can write an email to: gabyraam89@gmail.com or using the form below: