On Love, Humans and Dogs

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We love dogs and dogs love us. So far so good. But it is not so simple; we had a terrible thing happened to us, human; we forgot to love unconditionally. Personal interests and foreign calculations are contaminating our love. The ego has entered into the temple of love, and so it lost its purity and totality.

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For example; if someone is in love with us, and we don’t feel the same – we tend to take for granted their love, it as though their love to us (without us loving back) devaluates their value in our eyes. This is foreign calculations, for we should be so lucky to deserve someone to love us, but we don’t appreciate them more for it, we appreciate them less, and this just to show how contaminated is our attitude towards love.

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We see dog’s love and with it we should feel ashamed in the face of such egoless and totally generous love we experience with dogs. But this shamefulness does not happen, we are too busy consuming our dog’s love which is totally unconditioned by how we treat them, it is pure, total and absolutely loyal and faithful.

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Do they teach us about true love? The answer is no. We remain in our ego love, suffer the ego love of our partner, but the need and longing for pure love is only getting stronger and more painful, so in its absence we adopte dogs….

Did This Dog Sleep by His Master's Grave Every Night for 7 Years?

With it, better contaminated love, then no love at all!

A dog sits on the grave of its owner in an act of everlasting ...
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