On Ground-Breaking Works

The problem about ground breaking creative works (be it: poetry, philosophy, prose or theater-drama) – is that the academic scholars, (and those who are ‘responsible’ experts for this works in the eye of the public) – will mostly try to adjust the meaning of this creative works – to the mentality and conventional way of thinking which is ruling in the culture at the time.
Yes, it is a paradox; for they were supposed to treasure, cherish and pass on the great works, and they do, (for they cannot deny their greatness), but they were also supposed to be loyal to the new and fresh wind of truth, blowing into the rigid lifeless patterns of the collective mentality.
But in fact their hidden function is to cut off the sharp edges of the revolutionary and radical messages in this works, and by that to turn them to be conforming to the herd mentality.
the best way to hide an objection is to act as accepting it – actually, it is a “bear hugg” – : the best way for society to ‘kill’ a new opposing message is to accept it while denying (and taking out) ts rebelious essence, the apperant embrace of the culture gives the young reblions the feeling that it is ok – It is being accepted, but without the radical message, the work becomes completely impotent.
This is what happened also to the hippies and other rebelious movements..

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