A Question on Emotions

———————————————now it is no longer a poetic game of an ascetic poet, in a romantic attic, surrounded with poetry and contemplating books, and beautiful hallucianairy girls at his doorstep; now it is for ‘real’.
And indeed through the eyes of those that are playing in the Luna park of the life (flirting, career, family, advertising, trips, tourism, friendship, love, betrayal etc. etc.)
The reality appears to be old and boring.
Escaping this reality into the land of games is not only an adventurous escapism. This is a fleet of terror and horrendous fear, that stem out of the lacking ability to face the existence state of being as it is. A state of being where-in the nothingness, the absurd and the horror (that are well represented by getting old and dying) are becoming characters in an impossible horror film, terrifying characters, much too terrifying for the children that are eager to be amused; characters that are driving those terrified children, to be constantly on the run, running towards gimmicks games.
The truth is that a stimulation level and its intensity inside the regular, communicational game between people is nothing against the intensity of the experience of being exposed to the naked reality, that is beating hard underneath the camouflage of the game. Everyone that is being exposed to it, receives its immense intensity, and managed to internalize it, gets filled with vitality, a vital force life energy, that cannot be compared at all to the joy and the power of the games of human beings. In order to part from the security that is incurved inside the games that were invented by men for men, and to go through the reality that is beyond, you have to do something else, something out of the ordinary: you have to open your eyes, shake it of…
You have to wake up!!!!
A short story
Many years ago in China thee lived a man that loved dragons, he collected them and stored them in his house, all kinds of dragong, paper, cotton, itron dragon, all kinds of dragon, because he really really loves dargons,
One day a real dragon came to his house and stuck his head inside the window and blew and the man that loved dragons died from fear.

You can play games all your life, but it is never really that, you can never really prepare for the real life.


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