The Human as a Marionette


A human is a puppet, he cannot move himself, and he needs an external power for that. For if not for external powers – he is motionless, static, stuck. Now, there are two forces that can move him, the first come from below, the crude forces of survival and physicality from Mother Nature (all creatures are powered and energized by it). The other force comes from above, the gentel forces of creation and higher levels energies.

The primitive forces of life are what we are born with, a force that get diminished between 30-40 years of age. As it is being used – it gets lesser and lesser. In this sense it is like being connect to a battery (with a limited life-span).

The higher forces last a full life time, and do not get diminished, it is like being connected to an electrical current.

The higher forces are not there for us just by existence, they have to be connected to – during life, with much inner work (quiet rare).

In the inborne force it is like a hand shoved into the puppet and moving it from below, and it has a limited span of movement. With the higher forces the puppet is tied to strings, and they move her, in a very flexible and varied movements.

The puppet on a string, a marionette, is no longer subject to the gravitational pull of the earth, it is relatively agile, flying freely in the open air.

So the human should make a transition, from being moved from below to being moved from above: a marionette.

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