A Dialogue on Potential

Lost in order to be found

G: What do you realy really really want?
I believe that every person is born with a particular kind of potential. And it is not easy sometimes, to know what is your potential. I think it takes till you are 25, 30 sometimes 35 even more, to realize your true potential. And your real destination. I can give you an example from me, when I was 24 I thought I was going to be an actor. I really really thought that what I really really want is to be an actor, since I was a child I wished to be an actor on the stage and with films… and I went to school and everything and only at school I realized that it is not filling me till the extend that I felt – and the reason of that was that I was not that talented.
Because there is one thing that I want to tell you, how do you know that you are really doing something that you really want to do: you find that you are really good at it.
I think that there is a straight correlation between being good at something and having a real potential in that field. Because you cant have potential in something and not being good at it.
So if I have potential to be an actor, I need to be an excellent actor, if I am not, probably I don’t have the potential and I mislead myself. So the mean issue is to find out your true potential.
S: What is a potential?
G: Potential is like the color of your hair, every one has got a different potential, every one got a different kind of a potential and potential is very specific. Just like the shape of your nose or like your height, very very specific.
When you see potential, people think of something which is amorphic, without a shape. The fact that it without a shape doesn’t mean to say that it isnot exact.
But then you keep it very abstract, when you keep it like a cloud, right? (as a comparison to the amorphic shape) (sara says)
No, potential is like a seed, it is very exact, lets take a seed of a carrot, it is very exact of what it has in it. But the seed is not something that is yet shaped. In order for it to become a carrot it needs to grow out of the potential and to be what it needs to be.
S: Do you think the seed already contains the information? Like some kind of a blue print?
G: Absolutely, totally, the whole thing is to actually discover what is your true potential and to take it from the root so this particular potential can come out.
You see, if you take a seed of a carrot and you take a seed of a banana tree.
It needs different climates and different grounds and different cultivations to grow.
So I am talking about who you are at base, because I have a differentiation in between you psychology and your potential. It is not the same thing.
A different word for psychology is your personality. Your character. I think your character is not necessarily your potential. I think potential is the inner nucleus. The chore. The chore is always hidden. When you find out your true potential, you say: ‘yeah, it is part of my personality’. Your personality is like the outer layer of your potential and there is a correlation between them, but it is not exactly the same thing.
There is the chore, around that is the personality and around that is the communication: how do you relate to the world.
When people met you, they see your communication. (they see you are a nice person, you communicate nicely J They don’t necessarily see your personality, because it is hidden behind the communication. And the nucleus of potential is hidden behind the personality.
Most people don’t even know their personality, they are trapped in there communication. When you go to a psychologist he is supposed to let you know what is your personality. Which is the deeper level. But the deepest level is to see what you could be. And most people don’t really touch their potential.
This is self actualization that I am talking about (also know by the pyramid from Maslow f.i.)
S: When you found out that you didn’t want to be an actor, you felt disappointed?
G: Well, I felt lost – you cant find your potential without being lost. The way to find your potential is to trying to be at ease with yourself, accept your true nature, accept your possibility. And try to listen to what is inside you. What wants to come out?
And only when you let things settle you see ..eh… as log as you are to much exited inside and jump from one thing to the other, you cant listen to what the inner voice says and what your true potential is telling you.
Lets imagine that it will tell you: ‘listen you need to do astronomy’, but you don’t hear that thing, because you are too exited.
So I think a person needs to accept himself, to what he is and not want to be something else then what he is.
Now this is very important, because basically people look at their as buying in the supermarket ‘do I want to buy this? Or do I want to buy this?’
You can’t buy yourself, because you are already made. You can only discover what you really are. You can’t change yourself, you can only accept yourself. And in order to accept yourself you need to allow the true you to surface. Now people are so afraid that they will discover someone that they don’t like or that their personality is not so good, so they are all the time chasing after something: I want to be like that. But you cant be someone you want to be. You can only be who you really are. But you need to give it a space.
You remember what I said before?
You need to be lost. So it is a combination of being lost, but with peace. Which is very difficult to think about it. Because when we get lost, you get very exited.
S: Or you get panic.
G: So not to go to panic.
You see an artist works like that. To be an artist is to be lost. If you cant be lost, you cant find something greater than you that wants to be. Because if you are found, if you know what you want, something greater then you, cant find its way through you. Only if you are really allowing the stupidity of you to be, then the wisdom can come to be. If you are already wise, the greater wisdom cant happen trough you.
So you need to be lost.
So you could be found.
If you think you know what you want, your true potential cant tell you what it wants. Because you think you already know. You need not to know.
So I am fooling myself, by thinking that I know what I want (sara says)
You should setlle to the fact that you don’t know what you want and be at peace, because only through not knowing what you want, you will find out what you really want.
People are afraid for it, so they fight false things, which they want. Because they are afraid of the middle period of not knowing what to want.
To be lost and to keep faith.
But we need reinsurance every moment.
Identification is really a curse that if you are lost and you identify with the fact of: ‘what will happen, I am lost, I will never find out’. Then you identify with it and you will never find out and you block it. And you don’t allow anything to come through.
A person should cause detachment from himself: he should say: ‘okey I am lost and I don’t know what to be. Okey, fine, it is not happening to me, it is happening to someone in a movie.
So part of it should never care. It should allow a distance between you and you, wich allow something to go through you.
You should not divorce from yourself, you should all the time listening to the inside.
So you are being lost and in the same time you don’t care about being lost. To be lost with supervision.


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