A Dialogue on the Consciousness Way to Clean Personal Stables

An opening comment: The dialogue began with a question by S. that had to do with parts in G’s manuscript: “Awakening via the stables”. In the manuscript G (Gabriel Raam) writes about ‘cleaning the stable floor’ e.g. Cleaning demons and blockages in the 3 levels: Blood, emotions and thoughts, S asks how this is done? G said that it is done by consciousness
G. The only power that we can have in our lives is the power of consciousness. With consciousness you can do 3 things:
A. Go forward into what might happen, which is the Architect.
B. Go deeper into the quantum inner space of what is happening now, (in other words: the subtext; ‘what is the meaning of what I am saying and what other people say.’ That is the consciousness of the present; the Observer). And:
C. There is the possibility of ‘travelling back’ if you like, into the dark cluttered chambers of the past. And actually finding out what are the living ghosts, which are corrupting or blocking the flow of your system; do a checkup.
And the third has to do with your question.
And I think it is actually very much like you are going into a basement and finding out what is there, checking it according to who you are now and where you are heading to now,. And removing what blocks the flow, clearing out that which you wish to be free off.
If for example, let’s say, your father made you upset, several times, and now you are no longer upset by what he is saying to you, never the less, the residue of you being upset in the past – is still there. And it is actually like waste materials that are there in your system blocking & corrupting the communication between you and your dad… But worse then that –they block the flow between the you of then and the you of now, you are cut off from the early you.
Now, you need to go with your consciousness to try and find out how it got in; what was the entry point. And to release it. The release is done is when you find the point of its birth.. If you manage to locate the exact moment, the exact point through which it got in, then this exactly the same point that you can get it out.
There is a nice saying: The way to go out is exactly the way you got in.
S: I So, They way it got in, is also the way to get it out.
G: Exactly, when you lose something in the house you try to trace what are the last steps you made until you come back to where you lost it. You go backwards.
What I am actually saying is that it is a: backwards consciousness work, consciousness is able to be like a detective that goes into a room finds a body and actually by the traces that the criminal leaves behind, goes back until he gets to the murderer .
S: If I go back, and I trace something that I know and I see it, like an observation from the past. Do I find a meaning or a question out of it?
G: You have to find out what is the reason that it hurted you. What is the reason that it got you upset. Now, the way to clean it is with your consciousness. If you transform the major weight of the demons – from the emotions into your consciousness, you are free from it. And this you do by tracing its entry point, and by understanding the reason of it upsetting you.
I believe this was the basic idea of Freud, when he was doing the psycho analysis: moving things from the emotions into the consciousness. But the problem is that if the patient has got no consciousness and if the psychotherapist doesn’t have consciousness (and usually they don’t, it has to evolve through guiding and by self work. It has to be developed!) – then they just do a sterile exercise – a simulation of consciousness work, but it is only a mental work. And if they do mental work on the emotions, the emotions only get stronger.
S: Why do they get stronger when you do only mental work?
G: Because you duplicate the emotions mentally. And then you have it twice; once in your emotions and once in your mentality.
There is a difference between doing consciousness work and being aware of something. Being aware of something doesn’t make you free of it. It only duplicates its power. Being aware of it is like saying: ”now I am aware that I am angry on my father’. Now that you know that you are angry you are angry twice: once in your emotions and once in your mentality. But if you do it consciously – you are actually going to the main reason – to the nucleus – and when you find the nucleus you can defuse it. The moment you really understand it, you are free from it.
When you find the roots, you are free from the poisonous plant.
What I speak about here is not only true for oneself but also for relationships; For example: a young man asks his dad for a loan. His dad gives it without being complete with it. But he denies it in himself. And when the son is gone the incompleteness stays inside. He never cleared it up and it actually poisoned the relationship. The way to clear it is for the father to go back and understand why at that point when asked for the loan he became angry and what his reason of giving the money despite it was. Only then can he be free of it.
What I am saying is that in order to reach a certain level of consciousness, you- need to clean the stables, because they are full of poison and demons. When people have no borders the invasion can go in. pollute and live a mark. A mark that could and should be cleaned.
Only consciousness can free us and clean us. But the danger is that if you are not totally trained and totally careful on the way to clear it, then, 99 % of the time you will fall back again into personal involvement, because the way to the root is very narrow. And you need to be very careful that you step on this road only with your consciousness, not your emotions. You need not to allow any subjective emotions at this stage. . If you do – you will fall and it will be worse.
S: Yes, and it will become double powered, because I might think I am only on a mental level about it?
G: No, it will be much worse. It wouldn’t be double power; it would be triple power. You will fall from consciousness all the way into a personal involvement. You don’t fall from mentality; to fall from mentality is not dangerous. To fall from consciousness is dangerous, once you are in the conscious field and you miss it and fall into identification with the implications of the emotional-personal aspect -you go straight into emotional involvement and then it is terrible, you will have the greatest emotional involvement you ever had.
The higher you go, the lower you fall. Those who try to go the conscious way and don’t have resistance not to fall into the emotional abyss – are going to crash much deeper.
S: Yes it is true, it is good to know that there is something like you describe, like a Detective. Though I think that for me it is not yet something to do, because on the moment I get personally involved I have to do everything about it to leave it behind. The risk is too big that I will get personally involved if I will go back.
G: What you are telling me is that before you will do this kind of work you need first of all to be sure that you are able not to become personally involved by the moment. To be able to deal with demons of now before you go and deal with demons of the past.O.k. I think it is clever what you say. But never the less – I think your question is an excellent question. In the book itself “Awakening through the stables” (yet in Hebrew, yet in a manuscript form…) – I am talking about demons and cleaning, but I think it is actually the first time I am explaining how to do it.
Is this concept totally new to you?
S: There is a part that is new and that part is when you mention a ‘Detective’, it is like a chapter of the Architect, but I haven’t heard or read about it before.
G: Well, it is actually the opposite of the Architect, because the Architect goes forward and this goes backwards. But it is true, at base it is actually the same work: the Architect does what he does so the ‘crime’ will not happen. What I am telling here is that after the ‘crime’ has happened you need to free yourself from the criminating traces…, you want to clean off what has happened. Clean off any demons of the past– so the channels of now will be open. This is the work.
This is what makes the psychological level so heavy; it is loaded with those demons. And they are the weight which pulls one down.
If you manage to transfer the majority weight of your being into the consciousness level, then those demons don’t matter so much, because you don’t live there (in the psychological level) anymore. But it is an it is very difficult to transfer the majority weight to the consciousness, because the demons pull you down, they give weight to every personal and emotional crisis. But if you clean the demon it becomes easier not to fall into personal crisis each time your emotions suffer a blow.
But at the same time, if you manage somehow to transform your weight into the conscious level, (which, again, will take you very very long because of the demons) – then the demons won’t have that much impact on you. They would be pushed to the background.
Do you understand what I am saying?
S: I can see the image. (Like the part in Lord of the Rings where Gandalf blocks a demon of the old underworld. Gandalf says: ‘Thou shall not passes, Gandalf and a demon of the old underworld only reaches up to his feet, -unfortunately this time the demon manages to tackle the wizard… and he falls. But he comes back. Movie: Lord of the Rings).
S: I see that the demons are living below.
G: That is right, when you reach a high conscious state – they are only touching your feet. They are there, but you are above. And I think you can connect to what I am saying, when you think about the times when you have switched on consciously.
S: Yes, yes. There is a question that rises: you say that cleaning the stables is about an emotional part, the mental part and the blood. The emotions and the mental part I understand, I can see that the psychology and emotions very much have to do with the demons. But what is the blood part?
G: The blood has to do with very very deep heavy emotions, like desires, passions, aggressiveness, being pressurized. All those deep deep heavy things. Basically it is like the system of the chakras. The chakra that you have in the stomach has to do with deep passions, desires and anger, and in the chest you have finer emotions, these are lighter: attraction, pity, love, things like that, and when it comes to the mind it is the same energy but now it is so fine that it is no longer emotions, it is mentality, and if you go up a level it is conscious energy.
And each time it goes up a level it becomes more powerful and it becomes finer.
So one should travel to his past, find ghosts which are trapped there, and free them, and continue doing it until one gets much opener and much freerer
And it is important to be free and clear because the demons that we have in us, block us from being open to us.
You need to go back and diffuse all the things that you had against yourself, Understand that you did it because you had no choice. And you did the best you could. And if you do that with you, you will open to you and then you will have a greater flow of life within you and without you, . Little S. is blocked in there, and if you melt the blockages you’ll free little S. to come and join big S. but if you have the demons they block the flow from the young s. to older s.
S. Do you rewrite your history by that?
G: No, I don’t accept the term rewrite, once something is written you can’t rewrite it. What you can do is remove the residue. Remove the litter; remove the garbage which is left behind by the unfortunate happening. Clean your cellar, from what you have been thrown in. Clean yourself from everything that you hold against you or against any one else.
Remember: at the moment you understand the reason for it, you are free from it.
I believe in the healing power and the transforming power of the consciousness. But for that you need to be neutral. You have to be able not to say ‘yes’ to anything that happens and not to say ‘no’ to it. You have to accept it and to understand it.
You actually inspect the demon: you shine consciousness light on it, and you don’t give up until you found the root.
I’ll tell you more than that; the only thing that is capable of travelling in time and in space is consciousness, because emotions are trapped. Either in the past or in the present, … You should use it as a travelling mechanism, but usually the consciousness is trapped under the weight of the emotional dirt or the weight of unfortunate happenings.

13.05.08 Approved and edited by Gabriel Raam

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