A Dialogue on Inner Pressure

How to wake up in the morning?

G: Very important to know about inner pressure is the way you wake up in the morning. You see most of the peace you get from the night. A person should all the time keep his inner peace, nothing should disturb this inner peace. So when you wake up in the morning: you wake up with inner peace. Your soul has been in your kingdom, and the soul when it is in the kingdom, in all the body and in all the aura, it is actually making everything very quiet.
Now if you wake up with your soul in you, you have got a measurement. According to which you can measure up.
If you wake up and jump straight away out of the bed, you let the pressure of the day inside. And the already you work with a high inner pressure and this is not good, because the pressure of the outside can get in.
And it will prevent you from seeing: this is too fast, this is too hot. Because you are already hot inside.
Are you with me?
S: yes: but the last part I didn’t understand….
G: Well if you jump from the bed, you shake the whole system and the soul contracts. It gets back to its place and the whole system becomes hot.
And then when you meet something personal from the outside: you already in pressure: and pressure and pressure go together and it brings only more pressure:
You do not have a resistance against it. Only when you are peacefull you can resist the pressure. But if you are under pressure already, it can effectively go inside and then pressure more and more and more, it gets you really pressurized.
So what I am saying is: you should wake up in the morning, as slow as possible, never jump from bed. Never get in panic. Try to preserve the sweet feeling of the night in you. As long as possible.
Try to feel that when you wake up you are walking around with a glass full of water that you don’t want to spill a drop.
Waking up with the precious inner peace from the soul
Put around you the blue shield. Imagine the blue shield that will protect you from things getting in.
And you are walking like on tip toes. Very carefully, you do not do quick jumps or you do not make loud noise. You do not get straight outside.
You do everything very moderated.
The longer the time passes, the inner peace inside you gets stronger and stronger. Until comes the point where it clicks.
And you maintain inside the inner bubble: the inner peace.
And this bubble, this balloon if you are true to it, it can give you a measurement of something which is hotter or faster than yourself, which you do not allow in.
S: like a measurement?
G: something according to which you can measure.
S: so with this energetical bubble, or this feeling inside, on a certain moment I will notice, when there is something that wants to come in, right?
G: that is right, because you feel that you are shivering inside. You feel you are trembling inside. Because you feel that something is going to explode your bubble of peace.
S: oke, so if I understand it correct, it is like I need to find my own gravity point, and not to let myself be thrown of my gravity point?
Is that another way how I could see it?
G: Maybe, I prefer you should have a space which is not penetrated, by the noise and the heat and the fastness of the outside.
It is inside and it is something like a mirror, like a lake: very quiet, very peaceful, nothing can touch it.
You should come to the point that you should be in the middle of the most… very hot pollution and inside you stay quiet, this is what you should strive for.
But if you wake up like: oh… I have so much to do , I wont manage… you pressurize yourself and you let the pressure in and then anything can come in, because it is in the same level.
S: yes, yes, that is very true, I feel that I level myself down to another state.
G: Don’t. Let me give you one sound advice that you should keep in your mind like a mantra: Do not let the speed and the heat of the outside, put you in pressure. Do not let the speed and the heat of the outside world pressurize you.
Make a resistance. Say: it frightens me that if I wouldn’t go in on each speed, on each heat, that i wouldn’t be able to cope with what is going on in the outside… it is not true.
You will cope best if you are peaceful inside. Your judgment is sharp and clear. You should be fast from the outside and slow on the inside.
G: Did you get anything out of it?
S: Yes, you are talking in images to me and it very much helps, because I can very much see it. I can relate to that.
When you describe the lake and that in the outside world everything moves very fast, and to react on that in the same modus, but to keep on the inside the slowth and the sort of steadiness
G: you have try it, you see the outside world is trying to frighten us, with saying: if you wouldn’t speed up, if you wouldn’t be hot inside, you wouldn’t be able to cope. And it is not true!
What you should have is the peacefulness of your soul.

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