On the Seven Levels of Atmospheres

All happens within an atmosphere. Each atmosphere inhabits a lower order or a higher one, in descending or ascending order. Atmospheres consist of seven levels, each inhabited by an assortment of different atmospheres. Atmospheres are thought to have 7 levels to them and the higher end operates at a much higher frequency than the lower end.

Level 5 is the atmoshere of a general manager’s office, a doctor’s office, a high judge office, etc.

A supermarket is level 6, shops and streets are also level 6 (general habitual life).

Level 7 is home to negative manifestations and is part of the darker side of the human psyche: dirt, pornography, dirty jokes, rape, violence, etc. The lowest of these dark areas could aptly be called hellish dimensional areas. The series of these 7 albums attempt to describe atmospheres starting from the lowest up to the thinner one.

The higher levels, or atmospheres, are 4321 which are the finest, holiest, sublime atmospheres, they are to be found in nature: fountains, mountain tops, church and meditation halls, etc. and are quite rare.

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